Solidarity & Advocacy with Vulnerable Individuals in Crisis (SAVIC)

Nairobi, Kenya

Saved $74,226

Youth Development, Community & Economic Development, Education


SAVIC is a refugee-run Community-based Organization, with an aim to empower young refugees in Kakuma to take charge of their future by increasing access to information, services, vocational education and livelihoods development.

What We Do

SAVIC is a community-based organization operating in Kakuma refugee camp. We are a team built of enthusiastic, dedicated and dynamic refugees, who believe in the resilience, potential, and power of young people in Kakuma to create a better future for themselves. Using a community-based approach, we empower youth and adult refugees to regain full agency and control over their own lives, in terms of their reproductive health and livelihoods. With this control, refugee youth are better able to pursue education and livelihood opportunities in order to gain economic independence.