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We connect children and people of all ages to the outdoors and partner with community groups, families and educators to provide transformative learning experiences on our organic farm and national park land along the California coast.

We envision a world in which:

- Everyone feels a sense of belonging and wonder in the outdoors.
- Life-changing experiences in nature are an important part of every child's education.
- All people understand and value the connections between their own health, food and the environment.
- All people are inspired and empowered to actively protect the environment and live in ways that sustain it.

Core Values

We believe that:

Nature Immersion: Spending time and learning in the outdoors supports mental and physical well-being and fosters respect, love and understanding of nature.

Inclusion: An equitable, just approach to inclusion must address the systemic barriers that exist in our society. People of all races, backgrounds and abilities have a right to access nature, feel welcome and safe outdoors, and be able to learn in programs that are relevant to their cultures and their lives.

Community: Gathering together outdoors creates meaningful connections among people, facilitates mutual respect and understanding, enhances learning, and promotes a shared joy in nature. Building community through nature with inclusion promotes equity and justice.

Stewardship: Protecting and giving back to the land is our collective responsibility, recognizes indigenous culture and knowledge, and promotes healthy ecosystems in which people, animals and nature thrive together.

Sustainability: Sustainable farming and organizational practices honor our interconnection with nature, promote the health of our food systems and environment, and mitigate climate change.

What We Do

We cultivate healthy bodies and minds and foster future generations of environmental stewards. By farming, cooking, caring for animals and exploring wilderness and the coast, we teach people of all ages to see the connection between their own health, a healthy food system and a healthy environment.


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