Silver Sage

place Bandera, Texas, USA


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"Empowering lives and Building Equitable Communities."

The Hill Country Resource Center and The Silver Sage are dedicated to empowering older adults, veterans, persons with disabilities, children and families in crisis, communities of color, and individuals who have historically been underserved, marginalized, or impacted by persistent poverty or inequality. We strive to enrich their lives by breaking down barriers and fostering self-sufficiency through innovative programs, projects and strong community partners.

What We Do

Our Mission is rooted in ensuring equal access and opportunities for every citizen. We are committed to providing adequate nutrition, culturally appropriate foods, and access to public benefits for all. Through comprehensive resources, education, and support, we aim to equip individuals with the tools they need to transform their lives and uplift our communities, transcending poverty and inequity.


Daniel S.
Operations Director
Jillian B.
Social Service Coordinator
Autum P.
Volunteer Coordinator
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