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We provide high quality secondary education in Rwanda by offering a secure and nurturing school environment that transforms vulnerable youth into future leaders and problem solvers who champion environmental sustainability and social change.

What We Do

Rwanda School Project works in partnership with Rwamagana Leaders' School (RLS), a secondary school in the Eastern province of Rwanda with a focus on sustainability. It is a school that is striving to do education differently!

Our Challenge:

Rwanda has a high enrollment rate of students in both primary and secondary education but the quality of education received is severely lacking. The Department for International Development (DFID) stated that "over half of the secondary teachers are insufficiently qualified for the level they teach... and the education system is currently unable to produce sufficiently well-qualified graduates to bridge the estimated 40% skills gap."

We know from experience and research that students grasp more through an interactive approach to learning than by copying and memorizing notes from a blackboard. And common sense tells us that if a school is welcoming and safe for everyone, students will make a stronger effort to stay in school. Though school enrollment in Rwanda may be one of the highest in Africa, a concentrated effort must be made to create a QUALITY education.

Our Solution:

Offering innovative and hands-on education in a positive learning environment through Rwamagana Lutheran School.

We use Expeditionary Learning as our framework, where teachers act as facilitators, helping students to engage in the world around them through interactive lessons that challenge students to think critically and work as a team. We set high expectations for student learning and place a greater emphasis on environmental and social sustainability, teaching students to be good stewards of our earth. Last but definitely not least, we promote a school culture of unity and respect, working toward a school community where students and staff feel safe, valued and loved.

So come join us, where we believe that "education is for life!"


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