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PurposeFuel helps people who are starting purpose-driven non-profits, social impact for-profits, and community organizations. Our work helps them find a model that works (or find out that their model won’t work) before they exhaust themselves or run out of money. We also support intrapreneurs launching new initiatives and programs within existing organizations. For anyone creating something that aims to achieve a social good, we’re here to increase their chance of success.

What We Do

PurposeFuel exists to support people who are starting initiatives to create positive social impact.

Tens of thousands of individuals take initiative every year to start new non-profit organizations, social businesses, and community organizations. Unfortunately, many of these innovators reinvent the wheel or pursue fundamentally flawed concepts. Many become burnt out or run out of money before they find a model that has impact and is financially self-sustainable. As such, hundreds of millions of dollars and millions of hours are being needlessly misspent. Further still, positive intentions are turning into jaded frustration, robbing these champions of the pleasure to serve, and robbing greater society of this latent collective potential. Imagine if we could turn it all around. Imagine if people who took the step to build something positive had a better shot of turning that dream to reality.

PurposeFuel helps people who are starting purpose-driven non-profits, social impact for-profits, and community organizations. We do this by developing process-based workshops and learning experiences, and delivering them in forums—both in-person and online. We measure our progress toward successfully supporting entrepreneurs, and base the content of our support on strong, iterative practice. Our learning experiences are enriched by the optimism and skills of every participant, and we maintain an open participation policy while many other programs select and reject applicants. We also partner with other organizations to make sure that we play a productive, collaborative role in the social change sector.

Last, we live the values we teach. We constantly examine our assumptions and think strategically about our program model. Through constant feedback we continually try new things and improve. Our hope is to be a model for cost-efficient, impactful social enterprises, and to catalyze the development of the new initiatives that will change the world for the better.


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