Public Interest Law Centre (PILC)

London, United Kingdom


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The Public Interest Law Centre uses the law to fight for the dispossessed and marginalised. We fight to hold Government and public bodies to account, challenging unlawful and poor decision-making and abuse of power. We use the law as an instrument of change. We will not rest until we see a fairer and more equal society.

PILC exists to challenge systemic injustice through strategic litigation, campaigning and legal education in solidarity with dispossessed, racialised and excluded individuals and communities.

What We Do

We represent individuals and communities who have been unfairly or unlawfully treated by public institutions. We work closely with grassroots and campaign groups, frontline organisations, trade unions and social movements.

We use the law creatively and assertively to bring about systemic change by challenging injustice through strategic litigation. We specialise in public law, actions against public authorities and public inquiries.

We disrupt the status quo through critical and social analysis, which we express through strategic communications via mainstream and specialist media as well as online and street campaigning.

We bring together strategic litigation, campaigning and community action to hold the powerful to account and contribute to the dismantling of systems of oppression:

* Strategic Litigation: what is legal is not always just. We use creative and assertive legal strategies to change the law. We build our legal work around the demands of social justice campaigners and working-class communities.
* Advocacy & Campaigning: legal solutions are limited. We use advocacy, communication & research to challenge oppression, expose unjust policies & practices. We make space for the voices and experiences of those who have been pushed to the margins.
* Support Community Action: Power rests with people. We build the capacity of grassroot groups, activists and frontline organisations through legal education and advice.


Jean D
Jean D.

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