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Our mission is to build a community that supports the growth and careers of young adults emerging from disadvantaged backgrounds. Project Alpaca is an incubator program designed to engage the entrepreneurial spirits of young creatives. We are providing them with professional resources, guides and mentors so they can design a blueprint for their own career pathway, and to reach the milestones on that blueprint.

What We Do

Project Alpaca is providing students with developmental workshops and dedicated mentors who would guide them through their journey. Also the mentors will send mentees to training and exposure events like those at General Assembly and national conferences.

The integrity of the community depends on purposeful interaction across the 3 pillars:

Alpacas: Mentors and guides share their expertise by providing group workshops in a wide range of topics for mentees. Some are matched to be a mentor, providing individualized attention and career guidance to one mentee. They may also offer our mentees opportunities to work on creative projects together.

Alpacees: Mentees are our young participants who are at the precipice of their first careers, and are being asked to proactively design a blueprint for this phase of their lives. Participating in Project Alpaca means they are actively training to become a leader. First by being the director of their own career plan, and eventually being recognized by their communities. Project Alpaca evolves as they evolve.

Founders: They were the first architects of the program, connecting the dots between mentors and mentees. The Founders facilitate and maintain the communication between the mentees and the mentors, supporting both pillars to ensure success for Project Alpaca.


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