Pratt Area Community Council

Brooklyn, New York, USA

Saved $18,000

Civil Rights, Human Services


PACC embraces a vision in which people strive together to build an equitable, diverse, engaged, and flourishing community in central Brooklyn. We pursue five major goals:
- to preserve and develop safe and affordable housing, a basic human right;
- to support a vibrant local commerce
- to sustain and develop an economic, racial, and cultural diversity
- to promote knowledge and concerted action
- to foster an ethic that all members of the community contribute to the greater good.

What We Do

PACC is one of Brooklyn’s premier community development corporations serving the neighborhoods of Bedford Stuyvesant, Clinton Hill, Fort Greene, Downtown Brooklyn, Crown Heights, Prospect Heights, and Prospect-Lefferts Gardens.

We work hand-in-hand with low- and moderate-income community members and stakeholders to preserve and develop affordable housing, provide quality property management, promote commercial revitalization and strengthen local businesses, create homeownership opportunities, protect tenant rights, combat predatory lending practices and prevent home-loss.

Our community organizers develop building associations, train community leaders in effective advocacy techniques, and mobilize residents around critical housing-related issues. Our financial literacy and homebuyer education help residents become self-sufficient, savvy consumers in the housing marketplace, while tenant counseling and support services address residents’ day-to-day problems; and our foreclosure counseling helps reduce mortgage payments of financially distressed homeowners.

While PACC has been exceptionally successful in the challenging arena of low-income housing development, our commitment extends far beyond bricks and mortar. Our overall goals include community revitalization, more equitable and humane housing laws and practices and the economic self-sufficiency of community residents. This work is all to support our mission to preserve and develop affordable housing as a basic human right and to sustain and develop an economically and racially diverse community that can enrich the lives of all.