Pediatric Universal Life-Saving Effort

New York, New York, USA


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To rescue a child's future and maybe even a generation by donating our resources, our time and our talents. To persuade others to share their gifts that will enable us to enhance the lives of children and their environment. To aspire beyond any profession to create a revolutionary impact in the world!

What We Do

PULSE is a 501(c)(3)non-profit, created out of necessity to address the substantial disparity in access to quality, specialized acute and intensive care services for children, particularly in developing countries in an effort to curb outrageous infant and child mortality rates in countries outside the United States

Teaching: We share our knowledge, training and experience. We train and certify nursing staff and other health care professionals in the skills and techniques of resuscitation and the fundamentals of critical care support according to internationally accepted guidelines.

Sustainability: We aim to establish strategically placed PICUs in medically under-served areas via a hub and spoke model of district/local hospitals around a central PICU which will serve children that require advanced medical care, as well as a training of medical personnel within those regions, so as to become self-sufficient.

Services: We will provide access to real-time specialized consultation through utilization of innovative technologies such as Telemedicine systems. We will assist local medical centers to establish their own PICU through frequent clinical and teaching missions, on-site training workshops and donations of medical equipment and supplies.


Louisdon  P
Louisdon P.

President and Co-Founder

Marilyn M.  K
Marilyn M. K.

Vice President and Co-Founder (PULSE)

Selam E.

Director of Operation & Public Relations