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Pawsitive Alliance is a volunteer driven organization founded to work to end the killing of adoptable dogs and cats in the state of Washington by increasing adoptions, supporting spay and neuter programs, and improving pet retention.

Pawsitive Alliance offers the following programs and services to Washington State rescue and shelter organizations:
*Adoption Event Coordinator & Support
*Public Spay & Neuter Assistance (SNIP SNIP)
*Education Workshops for Owners & Potential Adopters

What We Do

Since 2008, over 2,300 cats and dogs have been adopted at our multi-shelter adoption events.

Our spay/neuter programs target the companion animals most likely to be euthanized in shelters and in geographical areas of the state which have had historically high euthanasia rates.

For 2012 we are focusing these resources in Yakima County in central Washington State, an economically depressed county, with almost 24% of the population falling below the poverty line. Low income families do not typically have the resources to spay and neuter their companion animals. The county has an overabundance of animals unaltered with litters constantly inundating the only county shelter; added to this there are only two animal control officers for the entire county, the second largest in size in the State.

In 2005 Pawsitive Alliance, along with Barks R'Us Rescue, Yakima Valley Pet Rescue, the Yakima Tribal Nation and the Humane Society of Central Washington formed the S.N.A.P. Coalition to provide free or low cost companion animal spay/neuter services to low income families in central Washington. S.N.A.P. receives 15-20 inquiries per day for spay and neuter assistance. S.N.A.P. is the only spay/neuter assistance program in Yakima County. As of May 2012, we have helped alter 3,000 dogs and cats through S.N.A.P.

Pawsitive Alliance works with BullsEye Dog Rescue, Coalition: HUMAnE Spay and Neuter, and Positive Approach Dog Training to present the "The Responsi-Bull Project" (RAB) in Pierce County, Washington. This approach is crucial in addressing the pit bull overpopulation crisis as well as the misconceptions which plague this breed. The program offers free spay/neuter, a free educational workshop and free obedience training for pit bulls. Seventy-five (75) pit bull/mix owners attended the responsible ownership workshops, and forty (40) owners (and families) attended the obedience classes.


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Phoebe L.

Adoption Program & Outreach Coordinator

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Volunteer Manager

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