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At some stage of their lives, people growing up or living in Orthodox communities may question their lifestyle, practices or beliefs. Some may consider adopting a lifestyle and values different to those of their family or community.

This can be a challenging process, and sometimes the journey can be lonely or risky.

Pathways Melbourne provides confidential and safe spaces to question or change one's Orthodox Jewish lifestyle.

Because everyone deserves a life of self determination.

What We Do

We empower 'Pathfinders' who are on a journey towards self-determination. Pathfinders are people who are questioning, transitioning away from, or have already left their Orthodox or ultra-Orthodox Jewish lifestyle community.

We are a confidential first port of call for Jewish people considering making a change in their life choices, and a supportive community for those who have already embarked on a new path direction.

We believe everyone should be allowed to examine life's choices and fulfil their personal aspirations, and that no one should feel unsafe, alone or isolated.

We are here to connect like-minded Jewish people who may be going through similar journeys and challenges.

We provide an understanding ear, peer guidance, community connection and referrals so that individuals on this path feel well-informed and connected? supported.

We respect everyone's right to strict confidentiality and operate in a non-judgemental way.

We provide information, resources, advice and support needed to deal with these processes and changes are not always available from immediate family and community.

Our small team is dedicated to providing a safe space for people to explore and question beyond the only Jewish community they know.

Pathways does not aim to sway anyone away from orthodoxy or religious affiliation. Nor is Pathways affiliated with any religious institutions.

But in any community, some people simply don't 'fit in'.

Our services include regular support groups and networking assistance for individuals:

* A confidential first port of call for people considering making a change.

* A Peer-to-Peer support network for our 'Pathfinders'

* 'Pathfinder' Meet Ups

* Womens Meet Ups

* Focussed LGBTQ+ Meet Ups

* Social Events

* Referral to services as required

* Mentoring

* Community Education/Advocacy


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