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Kailua, Hawaii, USA


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Oikonos studies and protects imperiled ecosystems by engaging diverse communities through innovative scientific and artistic collaborations.

What We Do

We work in locations throughout the Pacific applying expertise in five priority areas: Biodiversity Conservation, Habitat Restoration, Ecosystem Science, Conservation Tools, and Career Training & Education.

Oikonos' goals are as varied as our projects, but across all programs we endeavor to accomplish the following:
(1) Protect breeding habitats, food webs, and populations.
(2) Improve the conservation status of threatened species.
(3) Incorporate biodiversity and ecosystem knowledge into policies and society.
(4) Create lasting stewardship of critical habitats and wildlife through community partnerships.
(5) Establish transdisciplinary collaborations that develop tools and solutions.

To learn more about where we work and what we do, visit us at Oikonos.org


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