New York Early Childhood Professional Development Institute


Brooklyn, New York, USA

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Education, Employment Services


The New York Early Childhood Professional Development Institute creates public systems that enhance the quality of care and education during the crucial early years of life – from birth to age eight – which are so pivotal for later success. A nonprofit organization within the City University of New York, the Institute identifies obstacles to excellence, creates solutions, works with public and private funders to test and pilot the solutions, and implements the resulting systems.

What We Do

The Institute plays a major role in preparing the early childhood workforce, establishing standards of quality, measuring effectiveness, and conveying how the standards can best be met. Its programs evolve in response to the needs of the field. Its flexibility and responsiveness provide a dynamism that keeps it in the forefront and ensure that its initiatives reflect the most relevant research and address the latest needs of practitioners.

The Institute addresses the quality and availability of childcare, pre-kindergarten, and other early education services, whether provided in homes, centers, or schools. It builds systems that provide access to services and enhance their sustainability, working throughout New York State but developing models that have application more broadly.