New Hope Baptist Church ABC (Anything But Classical) Orchestra Summer Music Program

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA


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We teach underserved youth in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area how to read, write, and play music. Also teaching them life skills such as shaking hands, interview protocol, effective budgeting, etc.

The child is able to choose between:
1. Learning to play an instrument of their choice.
2. Dancing.
3. Joining the youth choir/singing.
4. Rapping.
5. Audio/Video Editing.

What We Do

Our goal is to inspire children to think outside of the box. Instead of them thinking the only way they can "make it out" of poverty is by becoming a rapper or a basketball player. They are able to tune into their interests early, in order to identify what they do and do not like.

In order to service more children, we have implemented a series of programs aimed to target the hobbies of our children.

* Sports Specific Skill Work (S3)

Those who display a heavy interest in any sport will be able to learn skills, drills, how to watch & breakdown film as well as engage in food tastings, learn and understand what food best suits each athletes' diet depending on whichever sport they play, and will also learn about culinary nutrition. This program would help both our boys and girls by enabling them to be more open minded in understanding the different routes they could take. "I don't have to play football or basketball. I can learn lacrosse, baseball, hockey, golf, soccer, etc.". This program would also help diversify sport participation in the public schools. The goal would be for this to be held twice a week, and we would like to utilize coaches and players to help "train" the athletes as well.

* Light Studios

My sister, Jaydan Lightfoot, is a Film, Media, and Communications student at Washtenaw Community College. She created her own film studio entitled, "Light Studios" where she not only creates the storyboards and scripts for her own films, but she also uses Light Studios to teach children the basics of acting, lighting, audio/video production, and other film/media basics. This would interest the children who don't want to play an instrument or be involved in music. They would be able to contribute by capturing footage for our social media pages, as well as learn how to edit footage.

* Black Boy Specific/Gems

Learn how to rap with local rapper and summer camp counselor ArtDogg.
Understand the importance of words and their power.
Learn how to write their own music.
Collaborate with ArtDogg to write their own song and perform.

* NHBC Culinary Club

Campers who take an interest in cooking will be led by one of our camp counselors who is ServSafe certified. They will learn how to prepare, cook, and serve food properly as well as helping the athletes with food tastings. Children will be provided with black aprons with the "New Hope Baptist Church" logo printed on the apron in which they will get to keep upon completion of the summer program.


Jaydaka L.

Program Director