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To move smallholder farmers out of poverty.

What We Do

myAgro is a nonprofit social enterprise that enables smallholder farmers to use their mobile phones to pay on layaway for high quality inputs (seeds, fertilizer) and agricultural training. These investments allow farmers to produce 50-100% more food each season, significantly improving the food security of farm families and helping them move out of poverty. myAgro is the only organization globally that is implementing a mobile layaway approach to serving smallholder farmers. myAgro's model matches existing farmer behavior and needs, and unlike credit-based programs, is accessible to all farmers and requires little working capital.

myAgro's unique mobile layaway platform allows farmers to save their funds in small increments, whenever they have cash available, using their mobile phones. myAgro's system is a smart twist on how people in developing countries buy "airtime" for their cell phones: just as farmers go to their village shop to buy scratch cards for pre-paid phone minutes, they can now buy myAgro cards and layaway $1 to $50 to purchase seed and fertilizer during the planting season. When a farmer buys a myAgro card, a text message with the card's code and amount is sent to myAgro's database, and myAgro allocates the amount to the individual farmer's account. myAgro then purchases high-quality seed and fertilizer in bulk and, at planting time, delivers them to farmers along with technical training.


Anushka R
Anushka R.
I serve hard working farmers in West Africa
Tamara C
Tamara C.
Director of Strategy and Partnerships
Meredith B.
Senior US Operations Manager
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