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Malaika is dedicated to the advancement of African communities by providing educational opportunities to young girls, aged 5 to 18. Our vision is to mobilize resources to overcome the obstacles young girls face to obtain an education in Africa. We provide assistance that paves the way for opportunity, generates greater choice and empowers girls to make informed decisions. Malaika endeavors to permanently alter the cycle of illiteracy and poverty in Africa

What We Do

Malaika built and operates the Malaika School for Girls, a free accredited school that is educating 375 girls in Kalebuka , an underserved rural area in DRC. Malaika provides a fully comprehensive program for the girls which includes not only tuition, but also school supplies, uniforms, art and theater classes, a STEM curriculum, two healthy meals a day, and physical activities twice a week. With the exception of the locally hired teachers and support staff, Malaika is wholly operated by unpaid experts and volunteers from the public and private sector
Our many other projects:
-Malaika's first and on-going project is New Beginning, a sponsorship program which supports a group of abandoned and orphaned girls in Lubumbashi, DRC. Malaika finances the girls' school expenses and contributes towards the orphanage where the girls live
-Malaika built 20 wells in Kalebuka with the Voss Foundation, Solutions for Africa and Vinmart Foundation. They are directly impacting the lives of 20,000 people a year, helping to improve hygiene and reduce illness
-Malaika collaborated with FIFA and streetfootballworld to build the Kalebuka Football for Hope Center. This initiative functions as a base for sports, health, education and enterprise for the entire community
-Together with Project Cure, Malaika shipped 10 containers of medical equipment worth more than $5 million to the region's hospitals, bringing the mortality rate down and offering a safer environment for patients

Malaika also works towards the achievement of the following Millennium Development Goals:
End Poverty and Hunger
Gender Equality
Child Health


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