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MAKE Literary Productions, NFP supports, promotes, and engages contemporary writers, artists, and audiences through publishing, multidisciplinary arts events, and international cultural exchange.

What We Do

MAKE Literary Productions has two core programs: the Lit & Luz Festival of Language, Literature, and
Art and MAKE Literary Magazine. These two programs provide the umbrellas for additional spin-off

The Lit & Luz Festival is MAKE's largest program in terms of capacity, resources, and live audience
reach. The two-part festival is a large-scale, international artistic exchange between Chicago and
Mexico. The festival cycle begins with fall events in Chicago and concludes with events in Mexico City
the following winter.

After publishing its eighteenth issue print issue, MAKE Literary Magazine is transitioning to a fully online
publication--with the occasional print project.


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Sarah D.
Executive Director
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Managing Editor
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Assistant Managing Director
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