Live In Peace

Palo Alto, California, USA


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Live in Peace exists to advance a culture of non-violence, healing and power.

What We Do

At Live In Peace, we highlight a culture that allows young people to see and act upon their beauty. We are deeply embedded relationally in the community with a grassroots approach. Highlighted programs include:

• A College Initiative - this creates access to college for those least likely to go, through support, scholarships, and long term relationships. (40 students currently in college, 8 graduated)
• Music and Arts Academy - this teaches 40 young people a week, incubated 7 community bands, monthly open mic nights, and other events highlighting and exposing the beauty of our community
• Street-Code Academy - this brings the innovation and creativity of the streets to the tech industry, and brings the tech jobs to the streets


Heather  S
Heather S.

Executive Director

Laura G
Laura G.

Volunteer Manager