L'Institut de recherche et de promotion des alternatives en developpement (IRPAD)

place Bamako, Mali
language http://www.irpadafrique.org


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IRPAD/Africa is an African Think and Do Tank that promotes a multidisciplinary research and practice approach to social issues. We do this through capacity building and advocacy.

We are a science and academic-focused non-profit organization created in 2004 and officially established in 2007.

OUR VISION: We believe in Africa. We believe in an "Africa free from hunger, conflict, bad political, economic, ideological and social governance imposed to it, while promoting alternatives rooted in our values and implemented by key actors committed to Africa and working in positive synergy for the continent's socio-economic development."

What We Do

1. Promoting activities around Multidisciplinary Participatory Action Research (MPAR) at
different levels (local, national, regional, pan-African and international);
2. The promotion and development of knowledge, skills, know-how and know-become
through training, education and awareness;
3. the promotion and enhancement of scientific, technical, sociological, economic,
educational in the field of agriculture, livestock, fisheries, arboriculture, economy and
development of social life in Mali and in Africa;
4. Promoting alternatives from research to better socialize with a larger number of men and
women for socio-economic development and self-centered policies in Africa;
5. Advocacy and political influence to change policies and practices.


Rebeka R.
Volunteer manager
Executive Director
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