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Founded in 1974, the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR) is a national research and technical assistance organization that constructs the foundation and frame upon which communities can take charge of their local resources, their economies, and their environmental future. Our focus is on keeping power - both economic and political - as close to the people as possible, and ensuring that communities have the responsibility and authority to make the decisions that impact their lives.

What We Do

ILSR has a variety of initiatives: Community Broadband Networks, working to help the creation of locally accountable broadband networks; Community-Scaled Economy, with goals of expanding, developing, and protecting locally owned retail businesses and promoting community banking; Energy Democracy, working to increase clean, dispersed energy generation, expand local ownership, and increase public access to energy decision making; and Waste to Wealth, specifically working to maximizing recycling, reuse and composting for economic and environmental sustainability.


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John B.

Development Director

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Maria M.

Research Associate

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Director, Composting for Community Initiative

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