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Our mission is to educate, empower and represent women and girls, including widows in the Arusha region of Tanzania about their legal and basic human rights.
Our vision is to build an effective vehicle to empower individuals to stand up for their rights as well as equality and justice. Our approach is three-fold and focuses on education, empowerment and representation. We are also driven by the following beliefs:
Legal rights are human rights; Through education, we empower; We not only work with widows, but entire communities; Knowing your rights fosters long term change.

What We Do

Our work focuses on educating, empowering and representing women and girls, including widows on their legal rights.
Through our work, we travel to various communities throughout the Arusha region and partner with like-minded organisations to provide educational training and support on different aspects of Tanzanian law. In addition, we also provide legal representation and advice to women and girls so they can assert, exercise and defend their legal rights.
Through our programs we enable women and girls to share knowledge with others and mobilise their communities to promote and protect equality and justice. When women knows their rights, they can advocate for their rights. This leads to stronger communities and contributes to a more just and equal society of all.


Judi O
Judi O.

Director of Operations

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