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Hope House DC was founded to serve the needs of inmates transferred from DC's Lorton Correctional Institution to prisons far from the District, and has three primary purposes:

1. Strengthen ties between parents incarcerated in prisons far from home and their children.
2. Reduce isolation and loneliness for children of incarcerated prisoners who live in the DC metro area.
3. Raise public awareness about the needs of inmates and their families.

What We Do

Currently, the organization provides the following programs:

The PARENT-TO-CHILD READING PROGRAM allows incarcerated individuals to record a story and a heartfelt personal message for their children. Hope House's staff travel to prisons to conduct these recording sessions, ensuring each child receives the audio recording and a copy of the book.

FATHER-TO-CHILD SUMMER CAMP brings children and their incarcerated fathers together to strengthen their family bonds or, in some cases, create new ones. This program does not charge a fee, with Hope House supplying room, board, transportation, and activities for the children when they are not with their fathers.

Hope House's FAMILY SUPPORT PROGRAMS are designed to help children of incarcerated prisoners by providing outlets to express themselves, connect with others, and feel a sense of belonging. In the past, Hope House hosted outings, discussion groups, community service projects, poetry readings, and parties.

Hope House's innovative approach to mentoring prisoners' children has transformed countless families' lives and revolutionized how prisons work with inmate fathers. With over 1,600 summer camp experiences provided behind bars, more than 25,000 books recorded, and more than 20 tons of food delivered to local families in need during the pandemic, Hope House has made a significant impact on the communities it serves.


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