Hmong Cultural Center of Minnesota

Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA


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To promote the personal development of children, youth, and adults through education while providing resources that enhance cross-cultural awareness between Hmong and non-Hmong.

What We Do

Adult Basic Education Program: (Citizenship, ESL and Occupational English Classes for Adults)
344 students served with 26,383 hours of instruction in 2017.

Qeej Musical Instrument Program:
31 students served with instruction in the Hmong Qeej instrument in 2017.

Wedding and Funeral Songs Program: 43 students served with instruction in traditional Hmong Wedding and Funeral Songs in 2017.

Online Classes: 34 students served with instruction including Hmong 101 (14), Wedding (10), Funeral (7), and Qeej (3) in 2017.

Museum Exhibit Center and Library Visitors: 466 Total Physical Visitors toured exhibits or used Library in 2017.

Hmong 101 Program: Sample of Groups Served with educational information about Hmong culture and history:
Hennepin County Libraries
US Department of Agriculture
Customized Options
University of Saint Thomas
Herzing University
Lutheran Outdoors of South Dakota, Sioux Falls, SD
Jesus Fellowship of Believers Youth Group, Menominee, WI
Lifesource, Minneapolis, MN
Saint Paul, MN Urban Ministry/Church Youth Group, Clifton, TX


Mark P.

Director of Prgrams and Development

Bao V.

Volunteer Manager