Highland Friendship Club

Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA


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The mission of Highland Friendship Club is to serve individuals with disabilities from teens through adulthood by providing a wide range of opportunities to develop lifelong skills, friendships and connections with their community.

What We Do


In 2018, Highland Friendship Club is well known in the Saint Paul area as the home of fun, friendships, and learning opportunities for individuals with a range of disabilities, age 14 through adulthood (with no upper age limit). Through their experiences at HFC, members acquire skills that promote and enhance their abilities to live independently and enjoy a high quality of life. HFC offers members opportunities that are developed and changed in response to the needs and requests of its members and their families/caregivers and provides for a range of skills, abilities, and interests of participants.

In particular, HFC expands member offerings through...

Offering life skills building opportunities for people who want to live independently
Providing social outlet opportunities and events open to all ages
Enhancing member offerings strategically including the following:
Offering skilled-based classes in 'levels',
Increasing the number of the most attended activities, and
Evaluating programs regularly to understand what is popular/working and should be continued and what is not. HFC continues to offer a range of member experiences in the Highland area of Saint Paul and to work closely with partner agencies to provide those events in locations and venues that work well for the specific activity and HFC members.


Dan R
Dan R.

Executive Director

Ashley S.

Program Director