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We support projects run by Australian charities whose aim is to enhance the health and wellbeing of children and young adults under 25 years

What We Do


We're a hands-on organisation.

We believe in hard science, evidence based interventions and measured outcomes (impact), but also recognise that sometimes the best interventions are a bit left of field.

We also believe in the healing power of creativity, kindness and compassion and that a little help early can make a huge difference later.

We're well informed about the health and well-being issues of this age group and are really interested in hearing about well thought-through projects and ideas (especially those whose results can be evaluated).

We believe in the power of networking and connecting complementary skills and organisations working together to achieve mutual aims (the old 'win-win').

We're always going to be interested in hearing about projects that are creative and imaginative.


It's the deeply held belief of the trustee directors that instilling empathy in our children for those we see around us who struggle is an essential part of raising kids who will become compassionate, responsible and fully rounded world citizens.

Being empathic, kind, curious about the wider world and generously giving back are the deeply embedded values on which the HG Children's Foundation is based.

Kindness begets kindness. It's our hope and belief that a person experiencing the generosity of an unknown other will go on to incorporate the concept of giving back into their own life at some point.


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