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To provide Haitians with efficient ways to be successful- a chance everyone deserves

What We Do

Haitian Vision Foundation (HVF) is a Haitian-American collaboration that supports a multi-pronged, culturally sensitive approach to providing access to education, healthcare, and economic opportunity in Haiti. We believe in the dignity and capability of the Haitian people, and we believe that providing these essential resources will give them the means to escape the cycle of poverty. But there is much more to be done.

We are currently working in the northern Haitian town of Dondon running a preventative care medical clinic, scholarship programs, English school, and microcredit enterprise. The scholarship program and health care clinic are well underway with 20 student sponsored and close to 400 patients with chronic diseases receiving treatment and medications.

Education in Haiti comes at a cost that many cannot afford as there are few public schools and all students are required to wear uniforms. We at HVF are working on helping students receive a quality education through providing sponsors throughout their primary and secondary educational journey.

In Haiti, medical treatment is often just as challenging to obtain as education and preventative treatment is extremely rare. HVF has brought medical care and health care education to the local town of Dondon. Our goal is to build a permanent medical clinic, which is in progress, and eventually expand into a hospital. This will not only provide healthcare to the local population, but jobs for physicians and nurses, as well as ancillary personnel.


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