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Fundi Bots is a non-profit education initiative promoting better and practical science Education by providing robotics training in African schools.

Our vision is to see improved - and equal - access to quality science education, better technology innovation and overall economic growth across Africa as a direct result of exposing students from an early to better science education training and tools

What We Do

We teach students and non-enrolled youth practical skills and provide resources from day one.

They follow an education and career path that teaches them to be excellent students in the classroom, innovative problem-solvers in the real-world, experienced and knowledgeable employees, and exceptional technology entrepreneurs.

Our School-Based program provides access to training and resources at the
school level and includes:

a) Speaker Presentations, video presentations and study of real-world problems solved through robotics;

b) Hands-on Robotics training, which introduces students to the basics of

c) Robotics Clubs, which meet weekly and have mentors coming in once or
twice a month.

Our Public Access Programs ( Fundi Spaces) allow us to reach students and non-students outside of the school environment allowing us to target vulnerable and un-enrolled youth.

These "Fundi Spaces" are also designed as maker-spaces where trainings, collaborations and product development sessions can take place.


Solomon B
Solomon B.

Volunteer Manager

Stacy A
Stacy A.

Programmes Coordinator

Jim K.

Teaching Associate