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Friends of Big Bear Valley is a nonprofit dedicated to protecting and preserving the amazing natural habitat of Big Bear Valley through education, monitoring, and advocacy about its value and community benefit.

What We Do

The 15-mile long Big Bear Valley, with its beautiful lake, is found in the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California. A majority of the valley sits in publicly-owned lands of the United States Forest Service.

Big Bear Valley is home to several unique habitats, some not found anywhere else in the world. Within these habitats are diverse species of flora and fauna.

Our accomplishments
1. Protecting our environment and environmental laws
Advocacy programs that encourage protection of our unique species and habitats and teach about our environmental laws.

2. Bringing together local nonprofits, businesses, government and individuals to understand and enjoy our unique natural surroundings through our Ecotourism Coalition and annual Outdoor Adventure Days event.

3. Education on Big Bear Valley's amazing natural surroundings
Creating educational materials and presentations that are free for public use.

4. Installing and maintaining our bald eagle nest camera 24/7 and providing education on these raptors who have the highest known elevation nest in California.

Our social media presence has grown over the years due to overwhelming adoration of two resident bald eagles, Jackie and Shadow, who have captivated the world as our live cameras have provided a window into their lives.
Currently, we have 606 k followers on Facebook ( and 217 k subscribers on our YouTube channel


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