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Great Art, Doing Good!

Fresh Artists was founded on the core belief that being creative and philanthropic has the power to repair systemic injustices in the world around them. Fresh Artists' children become philanthropists and their gifts of artwork raise funds to fuel robust art education in schools struggling with cuts to art budgets.

By amplifying children's voices through their artwork, we advocate for quality public education for all children. And as change makers, our young artist-philanthropists are building their own self-confidence and resilience, preparing them for lives as "habitual givers" and capable contributors to the public good.

What We Do

Children commonly believe the refrigerator door is the last stop for their artwork. The children we serve attend under-resourced schools in which 70-100% of students qualify for free or reduced-priced lunch, a common delineator of poverty. These schools are experiencing severe funding cuts with art programs often slashed or even eliminated.

Through our corporate art program we have introduced the brilliance of their art to thousands of people who value their contributions as "fresh" artists. With legal permission from the young artists and their families, we enlarge the original artwork and solicit donations from corporate clients for large-scale, digital reproductions, which generate funds to support the wide distribution of art supplies and art programs to other under-resourced schools.

We invite corporate and individual donors to make financial gifts to Fresh Artists, then give these donors their choice of high-resolution reproductions of children's art to grace their corporate facilities. The funds they donate support the delivery of art supplies and innovative art programs to severely under-resourced public schools. We call what we do "lateral philanthropy," since the children we serve are themselves the catalytic donors. It is a circle of philanthropy in which children's art fulfills a real business need while raising funds for future art making.

We also install and display large-scale reproductions of children's art in unexpected places: in the board rooms of Fortune 100 companies, and on the sides of city buses. And we feature their art in educational games carried in museum shops and deluxe catalogs.

Receiving public validation for their gifts prompts young artists to see themselves as talented, capable and generous, with the ability to effect positive change.

Fresh Artists has curated an ever-growing collection of over 2,300 artworks by talented K-12 students from across the country. Since our founding in 2008, we estimate we have impacted the lives of millions of young people and delivered the value of more than a $2.5M in goods and art programs to art classrooms, touching children in almost every state.

By amplifying children's voices through their artwork, we are advocating for quality public education for all children. And, as change makers, the young artist-philanthropists we support are building their own self-confidence and resilience, preparing them for lives as capable contributors to the public good.


Roger A
Roger A.

Co-founder & Creative Director

Jenna W
Jenna W.

Program Director