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FOR LOVE & ART(r)'s mission is to remain viable and sustainable bringing the Art Experience to people with limited mobility. We stimulate art appreciation while empowering people to love each other in creative and transformative ways.

What We Do

We partner with museums around the world to showcase their art not from an academic or aesthetic context but one of therapeutic love.

We practice the discipline of Therapeutic Art. Art triggers emotional and deeply personal experiences in the viewer, and viewers who actively share those experiences form real human connections. We engage people to reflect and share their feelings and life experiences with others while viewing masterpieces. These human connections elevate their quality of life and enrich their souls. People delight in hearing others' points of view and enjoy contributing their own.

Therapeutic Art delivers all the health benefits of Joy. Two years ago, a researcher in England discovered that people regularly exposed to art have higher levels of endorphins and anti-stress hormones coursing throughout their bloodstreams. Biochemically, she concluded that one trip to the museum has the health equivalent of 4 trips to the gym! Doctors in England and Canada are now writing prescriptions to their patients to "visit the museum" rather than take an opioid or mood elevator.

Sharing the Art Experience transforms loneliness, worry, and tedium into Beauty, Joy, and Magic of Life. As we say, "to celebrate art is to celebrate LIFE!"


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Mark L.
Founder & President Emeritus
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Board Member
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Kym D.
Executive Director
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