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Simply put, FoodFilled is a youth-run, Melbourne-based food rescue charity that aims to minimise waste and maximise impact.

Our mission is simple; to create a community of people who are making a difference through giving back to the community and helping those less fortunate than us.

As a food rescue charity, we have seen tremendous growth in the need for our services over the last 18-months, particularly brought on due to COVID-19.

What We Do

Walking down the streets of our local communities, past garbage bins overflowing with perfectly good food, we saw a pressing problem. In Australia, food retailers discard copious amounts of food each day whilst over 4 million Aussies go hungry each year. This is exactly what we wanted to change.

In September 2018, we established FoodFilled to combat food wastage and hunger. Initially, our mission was to start small and provide support to our local communities, partnering with independent bakeries, cafes and restaurants.

What started as a few friends transporting small parcels of food to local charities is now hundreds of volunteers delivering tonnes of food each year. Today, FoodFilled has a dynamic and diverse community of volunteers including a large cohort of university students committed to making a difference.

Over time, FoodFilled's impact has continued to scale. We have helped improve the lives of thousands of Victorians and now feed over 500 people a month. Currently, we work with charities supporting youth in crisis, asylum seekers, the homeless, people escaping abusive environments and residing in rehabilitation centres.

We're also just getting started. We have big aspirations for the future and plan to continue to grow rapidly and expand our reach, charity relationships and retail partnerships.


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Mai S.
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