Everybody Dance Now!

New York, New York, USA


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Everybody Dance Now! Seeks to empower kids in underserved communities through free hip hop dance classes

What We Do

We offer classes in partnership with local schools or youth organizations. We provide teachers who are trained in our curriculum and enthusiastic about sharing their love of dance with others. We lead the kids through a process of discovering their own innate talents for movement and expression. This culminates in a year-end performance where kids showcase what they have learned.

Why hip hop?
It's a genre that is resonates with kids in urban environments.
It's a culture created in NYC that became a voice for the minority - through which they found power, resilience and creativity.
In a city that stresses academic benchmarks over art enrichment, kids need a creative outlet.
It's a social culture that allows individuals to grow by coming together with other people and sharing.
It opens a gateway to discussions that help kids relate to their course curriculum. Through dance we learn about history, anatomy, shapes, numbers, music etc. It enhances and engages our kids education

How are we doing it?
Partnering with other youth organizations to offer free workshops during after-school hours and over the summer.
Working with public schools to offer free in-school and afterschool classes based in the National Arts Standard curriculum.
Documenting tutorials and biographies from the innovators within hip hop culture.
Hosting special events and showcases that bring all the elements of hip hop together (visual arts, rapping, music, and dance) so that kids can see what genuine hip hop culture stands for.


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Olakunle O.

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