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Energy Resource Center\s mission is to improve home energy efficiency, conserve energy, promote health, increase comfort and expand Coloradans' quality of life.

What We Do

Energy Resource Center (ERC) is a nonprofit that focuses on free home energy efficiency upgrades - weatherization - for low-income-qualifying clients*. ERC's certified technicians evaluate the needs of the home and conduct an energy audit. These measurements establish the work to be done which may include installing a new or repaired furnace, water heater, refrigerator, insulation in walls and attic, air sealing, weather stripping, air leakage and water saving measures, thermostat, carbon monoxide and smoke detector installation, new light bulbs, solar panels and more. All at no cost to residents.

Low-income residents often live in the oldest housing stock in a community. Many homes need safety and health repairs, a barrier that disqualifies them from receiving weatherization services. These households are already one event away from financial disaster and cannot finance home repairs. ERC takes a holistic approach to every client situation by addressing pre-existing home safety repairs with the Home Repairs Fund. Examples of these repairs include roof, stairs or floor patching, electrical rewiring and plumbing issues and re-venting of furnaces. Any unexpected home hazards that arise once work is underway also can be addressed. ERC manages the entire home upgrade process, from estimates to invoices, to ensure people are left in safe, comfortable, energy efficient homes.

ERC home improvements last 20+ years allowing people to remain in their homes longer and protecting affordable housing. Residents save 25% or more on their annual utility bills, money which is then used on life essentials such as food and medicine. Studies show that senior health issues are mitigated. Community safety is improved when people do not turn to using propane stoves, grills or other unsafe methods that may cause illness and increase the risk of carbon monoxide exposure or fire danger. The relatively permanent home upgrades that are a result of ERC's work contributes greatly to environmental preservation. Measurements confirm that increased energy efficiency equates to the use of fewer natural resources and significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions resulting in cleaner air and a healthier environment-- to everyone's benefit.

*Most ERC client households are dependent on federal safety net programs such as LEAP, SNAP, TANF, etc. and are from vulnerable populations: seniors, Title 1 families, veterans, disabled and minorities or income-qualifying households at 60% SMI or 200% or less of the federal poverty level. Residents are all ages, genders and race/ethnicities. They may be single, multi-family or mobile home owners or renters.


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