Educate Youth

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA


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The mission of Educate Youth is to provide programming for Ypsilanti teens which will promote positive outcomes in all areas of life. We are committed to increasing the number of Ypsilanti students who receive a diploma, and for each graduate to have a post-high school plan, one student at a time.

What We Do

Over the past nine years the Educate Youth after-school program has helped over 125
Ypsilanti students graduate from High School with a two year post-graduation plan. Educate Youth is not a drop-in center, rather students commit to attending the five day a week program. Our students generally increase two reading levels each year and with the increase in reading skills and comprehension we find SAT scores also improve. Our graduates attend EMU, WCC, Wayne State, MSU, Central and/or find work/apprenticeship after graduation. Teachers and parent report improvement not only in grades but in how the students interact at school. Our goals include:
* Students completing homework assignments with the support and presence of caring tutors.
* Increased daily attendance at school and passing all classes
* Providing school supplies year around as well as one hot meal each day. Also provided
are hygiene products as well as coats, shoes and age appropriate clothing.
* Learning, practicing, and mastering the soft skills needed for school and their future.
(communication, courtesy, responsibility, professionalism, flexibility, and teamwork)
* Maintaining an appropriate credit load with the aim of graduation.
* Participation in the A2 Ethics National High School Ethics Bowl


Rhonda P.

President of Board

Gail W
Gail W.

Executive Director