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DRAWDOWN Bay Area is the non-profit organization leading the Regional 2030 Climate Challenge, a public-private partnership to rapidly implement high-value climate solutions and dramatically reduce the region's greenhouse gas emissions. This is a collaborative initiative that leverages existing efforts to meet the climate crisis challenge, while adding new resources and strategies across all sectors in the nine county San Francisco Bay Area.

What We Do

"DRAWDOWN" refers to the point in time when the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere reach a peak and begin to decline, year over year.

Drawdown Bay Area brings together regional stakeholders in business, government, and the community, in a collaborative network focused on implementable solutions, policy frameworks, and communication. Working with the premise that this is the last decade to implement solutions that will slow global warming, Drawdown Bay Area leverages best practices to effectively and dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate change impacts all aspects of our society - health, disadvantaged communities, the economy - the list is long. We know what the solutions are, but they need to be implemented at speed and scale in order to make a difference. Drawdown Bay Area promotes and supports the implementation of regional solutions to the global climate challenge.


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