Dance Palace Community Center

Point Reyes Station, California, USA


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To enrich the quality of life in West Marin by providing diverse cultural, educational and community services in a well-maintained environmentally friendly facility.

What We Do

Founded in 1971 as a dance studio, the Dance Palace has evolved into the essential community and cultural center in West Marin. It provides arts education, cultural performances, exercise classes, children's after school programs, summer camp and much more for its geographically isolated residents.

The organization serves people of all segments of the community, comprised of people with a wide variety of income levels, ethnicities and ages. It is continually evolving to meet the needs of the changing demographics of the community, and is highly responsive to community needs through its programming. It offers community members a place to gather to meet their neighbors, share knowledge, develop skills, and work together to provide vital educational and social services. The programs produced by the Dance Palace in collaboration with local residents and community partners enhance the vitality of the entire community.

Notable offerings include: cultural music and dance performances for school children; after school programs consisting of Kids Musical Theater, Aikido, Bilingual Art and Children's Choir; summer camp focused on arts and environmental education; a West Marin Film Festival; cultural film and food events; musical performances; improvisational theater classes by emerging local artists; theater and musical performances; literary presentations; local history talks; Baby Gym; ESL classes; Spanish classes; a lobby art gallery program showcasing local artists; weekly senior lunch; and the annual Mesa de Las Abuelas celebration.

The Dance Palace also hosts a variety of exercise classes, and provides a venue for local non-profits, government agencies and support groups to hold meetings. Notably, the Dance Palace served as an emergency shelter housing people fleeing the Sonoma fires in October 2017, leading a team of local non-profits and over 100 community volunteers and businesses in sheltering, feeding and clothing over 200 people in need.

Last year approximately 1,500 individuals attended our arts and cultural activities, and exercise class sizes range from 5-30. Last but not least, our organization provided a range of scholarships totaling $13,240 to 125 community members to attend our children's classes and summer camp.


Bonnie G.

Executive Director

Laurel Ann R
Laurel Ann R.

Special Projects, Social Media