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Use research data (gathered from quantitative and qualitative inquiries) as planning tools to drive effective programs/services, improving education and accessing jobs and opportunities aimed at improving the overall quality of life among residents, including adults, children, youth, and families.

What We Do

CURET provides year-round services to Hartford and immediate adjoining neighborhood residents, addressing the felt needs of adults, families, children and youth: CURET responds with Adult Education/Literacy services, building capacity for parents to support their children's education; support services for the development and educational enrichment for children and youth, including tutoring, mentoring, and leadership for youth; services and programs that are cultural relevant, addressing the needs of families, children and youth; for over 30 years CURET has been delivering in-person services and programs.

Since March 2019, a new normal emerged at CURET with the COVID-19 Pandemic: social distancing, distance learning, demands for remote services and programs skyrocketed beyond CURET's catchment areas; on a limited basis during summer 2020, CURET responded to the demands and experienced immense successes; outreach and viewpoints are expanding across the USA; with the assistance of professions CURET is seeking to enhance its marketing strategy; insights of professionals to fine tune services, programs, outreach.

The picture graph above, "Choose an Image depicts CURET's project-based summer project titled, "Explore the world of science through a project-based program; the hub is 'Pollinators, Pollination, and Metamorphosis: Caterpillars to Butterflies.'" Students in grades K-12 enrolled in the summer program.

Below is a PDF document showing samples of students' art works.


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