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Collegiate Edu-Nation (CEN) is an education non-profit with a core mission of supporting economically disadvantaged students through completion of college degrees, STEM workforce certifications and student research. The college degrees are symbolic of college readiness. The workforce certifications are symbolic of workforce readiness. The student research is symbolic of lifetime learning to prepare students for careers that do not yet exist.

What We Do

CEN promotes the P-20 Model for 21st Century School Transformation which focuses on heightened college and career aspirations through continuous educational attainment and industry-related certifications. We believe a mindset of high aspirations and high expectations on those fronts leads naturally to lifetimes of happiness, productivity, and success.

We start with schools, but we don't stop there: CEN engages whole communities to reinvigorate education, revitalize local economies, and reimagine what's possible for rural America. We're preparing rural communities to connect and thrive in a fast-moving future.


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