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Classroom Pie is a social enterprise with the mission to fund the needs of all classrooms, teaching spaces, and schools in Sub-Saharan Africa. We inspire giving and empower others to fundraise for all that effective classrooms, and teaching spaces require as an aggregator of philanthropic support for education in Africa so that all students have access to all pieces of the education pie. We aim to partner with teachers and educators in classrooms and schools across the continent to build and implement our funding projects.

What We Do

Equity in education is the priority for every learning institution. Still, classrooms are faced with resource gaps that directly impact an educator's ability to meet students' needs and enhance learning. Classroom Pie's goal is simple, fully fund the classroom of today using a per-pupil funding formula. Our programs aim to deliver accelerated action through the following initiatives:

* Teacher deployment to understaffed classrooms
* Learning intervention services (physical, occupational and speech therapy for students)
* Social work, mental health and wellness in the classroom
* Classroom resource deployment (Student and teacher supplies, and classroom libraries)
* Athletic programs and coaching
* Free school lunch program
* Tutoring and after school education programs (STEAM)


Andrew S
Andrew S.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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