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To share the love of Christ by providing immediate assistance and encouragement to people in crisis. CAM acts as an emergency room of social services providing for basic needs immediately.

What We Do

CAM was founded in 1977 as a strategic means for churches and the community to use their resources (volunteers, property, and donated items) to help support the working poor, people in crisis due to poverty, mental and physical illness, and the unsheltered street homeless. Although CAM is a faith based organization we serve all and do not make any participation in our faith a requirement to receive help. CAM does this work by eliminating barriers to accessing help by not having any demographic requirements, no appointments, and by being open 6 days a week. We provide items such as food, clothing, financial assistance for prescriptions, transportation, utilities, rent, and ID recovery. We also provide daily services to the unsheltered street homeless in the form of daily sack lunches, showers, and a place to receive mail. Not only do we provide the item or items immediately, we interview and help clients to access other resources that can be provided by community nonprofits that work with their particular issues. We serve 60,000 annually . 14,000 we serve are children, about 25% are homeless, and 75% have homes and likely represent the working poor.


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