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The mission of the Chanda Plan Foundation is to support the Chanda Center for Health in delivering and advocating for integrative therapy, primary care, and other complementary services to improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs for persons with physical disabilities.

What We Do

At the Chanda Center for Health, we provide person-centered, collaborative care. This means we put the person first. Our approach to health and wellness is fully integrated and includes access to integrative therapies, primary care and behavioral health together in a coordinated and collaborative setting. Delivering this type of care helps us identify each participant's needs and treat them in the most helpful and meaningful ways.

We understand that our participants' health and wellness needs and goals are ever-changing. Therefore, we work directly with each participant to make necessary adjustments and ensure their needs are always being met. As advocates for our participants, we also help them navigate the system and access the resources they need to meet their goals.


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