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Cause Effective builds the sustainability of the nonprofit sector by increasing the capacity of our clients to plan and implement integrated resource development strategies.

Cause Effective helps nonprofits to:
* diversify their funding;
* build their capacity for fundraising from individuals;
* increase their board's engagement in fundraising; and
* use special events strategically.

What We Do

Cause Effective helps nonprofits to diversify funding, builds capacity for individual fundraising, activates nonprofit boards for fundraising, and helps boards build effective governance structure, and achieve the greatest value from special events and anniversaries. We provide carefully tailored advice through one-on-one coaching, workshops, publications and online resources to strengthen each client's unique and enduring ability to support its mission.

Over 2,000 organizations sought Cause Effective's assistance in 2011 - nearly a 300% increase from the past. We work with an incredible variety of nonprofits in New York (and beyond) to help them envision and enable long-term growth and change. Our impact is reflected in our clients' enhanced abilities to plan and implement creative and effective fundraising initiatives, engage their boards and other supporters, and continue to serve the deepening needs of their communities. In 2011, we have been privileged to partner closely with thousands of nonprofit organizations to help them face difficult economic conditions with creativity and resilience.

We advise.

We coach.

We encourage.


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Judy L.

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Project Coordinator

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