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Our Mission is to be present with human suffering and promote healing through human connection. We do this by serving in the spirit of compassion, non-judgment, and love.

What We Do

We believe healthcare and housing are basic human rights and that healthcare must address the behavioral, social, spiritual, and environmental issues that affect a person's quality of life. Our purpose is to empower individuals who are called to care for the most traumatized and isolated amongst us and to train them how to "care through touch" so that we, together, can meet the unaddressed humanitarian needs in our community.

By creating safe environments we enable both practitioners and recipients to be in touch with the systemic issues that cause and perpetuate trauma and violence in the lives of those experiencing poverty and homelessness. Our public acts of caring through touch are intended to transform the way that society bears witness to the value/dignity of the human person. Caring touch is a radical act of justice and love that carries the potential of birthing a renewed sense of dignity and reverence for the whole person; body, mind, heart and soul.


Heather D.

Volunteer Manager

Heather D
Heather D.

Care Through Touch Institute