Borne Dance Company

Brooklyn, New York, USA


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Borne Dance Company's mission is to raise awareness and prevent eating disorders and other mental illness through compassion and performing arts education. We believe in recovery through art.

What We Do

On average, eating disorders affect 2 million Americans each year and additionally 45 million Americans go on a diet each year. Body image has a huge impact on American culture and unfortunately people often feel like they must live up to unrealistic expectations that lead to poor self-esteem and unhealthy or destructive behaviors. It is now more important than ever for America to witness the positive impact that art can have on society and prove the fact that art is indeed a necessity and not a luxury. At Borne we find that open communication about body image can lead to connection and we pride ourselves in being open to all body types and personal stories within the company.

Through our own personal experiences, research, and training in therapy we create thought provoking dance pieces that are made to spark empathy and compassion in our audience members. We also host donation-based community-centric mental health artistic workshops.


Jay Jean G
Jay Jean G.

Board President

Tyler R.

Vice Chair