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BK ROT is NYC's first community supported bike powered organic waste hauling and composting service. Our project is staffed by local youth and young adults who haul organic waste from small businesses and transform it into high quality compost. Our operations provide accessible, educational jobs for emerging environmental leaders while creating more opportunities for our community to address climate change. We work at the intersection of environmental and social injustices impacting our health and ecosystem. Centering on Black, Brown, Undocumented, Migrant, Women, and LGTBQGNC young adults, we support the next generation of environmental justice leaders who will shape our city.

What We Do

We collect and locally process 10,000- 12,000 lbs of organic waste monthly, year-round. We provide handmade compost to community groups, neighbors, gardeners and urban farmers to amend soil and grow food. We offer accessible healthy environmental jobs to those most impacted by the harmful legacy of the waste industry. We illustrate a local grassroots environmental justice solution to organic waste while building community resiliency.


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