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Oakland, California, USA


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We are Bay Rising, a growing alliance of community-led organizations across the Bay Area. We are the only regional civic engagement organization that organizes with working-class people and people of color as voters in the Bay Area year-round.

We believe that our journey towards racial, economic, and environmental justice is a journey for political power.

We know this in our bones because political power is about who represents us and the rules that govern us - it's about our future. We all have the right to decide on our future, no matter who we are, what we look like, or what's in our wallets.

Every day, we organize so that we'll have what it takes to shift the power back to our communities and become co-creators of our future alongside our elected officials.

We will always empower the people who are most marginalized in our Bay Area communities to lead the way for government that centers racial, economic and environmental justice.

What We Do

Bay Rising provides a space for leaders rooted in our communities to develop a shared regional analysis and strategy for healthy, vibrant neighborhoods for all. We create regional voter guides, integrate arts and cultural strategy into our organizing, and conduct voter engagement experiments. Bay Rising also trains staff and leaders at member-based organizations around the Bay Area to run electoral campaigns, build relationships across the region to support each other, develop and integrate communications strategy, and manage sustainable organizations.


Kimi L.

Executive Director

Irene R
Irene R.

Communications Manager