Animal Agriculture Reform Collaborative (AARC)

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


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Animal Agriculture Reform Collaborative (AARC) is a one-of-a-kind national movement hub, aligning a network of over 40 member organizations to challenge corporate control of the food system. Our goal is to win an animal agriculture system that is good for people and the planet, where animals are raised on high-welfare pasture including practices that improve soil and ecosystems.

AARC members range from community and state membership-based organizations to national organizations. AARC's mission is to create a dynamic collaborative space to build strategies, deepen alignment and share resources. AARC is not a public-facing organization. We have several internal communications and collaboration platforms to stay engaged with our members. If you would like to learn more about us, please send an e-mail to request more information.

Together, we share a vision of an animal agriculture system that is just, sustainable, and accountable to people.

What We Do

AARC fills a vital role as a movement-alignment hub by connecting leaders and organizations from the environmental, independent farmer, sustainable food, labor, civil rights, and animal welfare movements to work together to build power and win the systemic changes necessary to challenge corporate control of the food system and to pass new policies, enforce existing laws, and change industry practices. We provide a home for:
- Long-view strategy development
- Campaign alignment
- Shared resources
- Relationship and network building


Sara R.

Executive Director

Tammy N
Tammy N.

Communications Manager

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