Angel Charity for Children, Inc.

Tucson, Arizona, USA


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The mission of Angel Charity for Children, Inc., is to improve the quality of life for children in our community. This is accomplished through an established program of fundraising for beneficiaries selected annually by the general membership. It is our hope that the community supports the mission of Angel Charity until all the needs of Pima County's children have been met.

What We Do

We fund agencies holding 501(c)3 nonprofit status which meet the needs of children in Pima County, Arizona. Our core funding has been for capital expenditures to retire a mortgage, remodels or renovations on existing structures or construction of new facilities. We also fund medical research and care, arts, education and social services. Our beneficiary selection process includes a detailed application, multiple presentations, a thorough and professional analysis of financial statements, and a site visit to help ensure each beneficiary is a viable, sustainable entity.


Kellie T
Kellie T.

Capital Campaign & Underwriting Co-Chair 2019

Shawndee B.

Vice Chair 2019

Cathie L.

CCU Co-Chair