Ananda Mandir

place Paterson, New Jersey, USA


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Ananda Mandir was formed in 1995 to satisfy need for a place wherein the New Jersey Indian American community can:

- perform religious and cultural festivals;
- arrange educational, philosophical, literary and performing arts related conferences, seminars and lectures;
- study, promote, and practice cultural, educational, philosophical, literary, artistic, musical, dance, theatrical and other performing arts related activities and interests;
- perform cultural and religious exchange programs with other ethnic and religious organizations to promote
understanding, unity and peace;

What We Do

Ananda Mandir is vibrate hub for cultural activities of the Indian American community in New Jersey and beyond with special emphasis on Bengali cultural events and a strong mission to also reach out to all Indian American communities and non-Indians.

We conduct many arts presentations, scholarly and literary events and Hindu religious festivals each year, all open and welcoming to the public.


Andrew S.

Volunteer Manager

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