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To provide a sustainable healthcare system on Idjwi, a forgotten island in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Amani Global Works' mission is to Care, Cure and Make Whole by providing healthcare to the most impoverished and forgotten areas of Africa. Regardless of tribe, religion, family name, or origin, Amani Global Works aims to increase health of a region by providing the preventive and emergency care for a community in need, and then creating a template of care that can replicated throughout the continent. AGW values the importance of accessible healthcare for all communities on the island of Idjwi by focusing on maternal healthcare, child healthcare and malnutrition as well as other factors that contribute directly to the region's health crisis such as education and transportation.

What We Do

We currently run a fully equipped and well staffed hospital on a small island called Idjwi in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 5 years after our organization's inception, we are growing exponentially and are branching into more wide-ranging health initiatives affecting the entire island. We are also expanding our capacities beyond health and nutrition to incorporate education, agriculture, and economic development to truly empower and support the community as a complex whole.


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